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The Phoenix Speaks is a creative writing project for Phoenix Therapy Practice by our Writer in Residence, Marie Larkin. This is how she describes the project:

“According legend, the Phoenix lives for at least 500 years but in some accounts, lives for thousands of years. It is then reborn, through fire, to continue its growth in a new cycle of life. Whilst in most myths of the Phoenix, it lives in a magical world, I wanted to imagine it living in our mortal world, observing the generations of people that come and go in its lifetime.  It struck me that if the Phoenix could speak to us, it would have much to tell about what it has seen and learned about what it is to be human.

In The Phoenix Speaks, I write in the voice of the Phoenix, covering different aspects of life, with a focus on the difficulties and questions that frequently bring people to therapy. My hope for this project is that readers will find comfort, inspiration, understanding and an enjoyment of the magical world of words.”

Marie Larkin is an Integrative Therapist with over 20 years experience and has an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes. She works with individuals, groups, runs workshops and presentations and writes and performs poetry.

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