Dr. Eva Coleman

I am a UKCP registered, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, with forty years of experience in the field. I worked in private practice, as well as a medium secure hospital, providing consultation and therapy for those with severe personality and mental health difficulties.
I set up and directed a counselling service for women in Brighton and Hove ( Threshold Women’s Counselling). More recently, I set up Brighton Therapy Centre, and was Clinical Director there for seven years.

I have been a member of an advanced, in-service practitioner training group for over twenty years . I have taught aspects of counselling and therapy and supervised those in practice. I have been a consultant and advisor to a number of local and national organisations.

I am not currently offering ongoing therapy , but I do offer consultations.

In addition to all of this, I am also a Trustee at ONCA, a Brighton based Arts Charity, that bridges social and environmental justice issues with creativity.

Mel Bates

I am a qualified Arts Therapist (1996), Creative Arts Supervisor (C.A.S.T., 2005) and Systemic Practitioner (Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, 2011) working in private practice with adults and children, as well as providing clinical supervision for psychotherapists, counsellors, drama, music, play and integrative arts therapists.  Over the years I have developed an interest in, and have gained further training in Attachment Theory, Working with Trauma and more recently, Infant Observation.

I am registered with the HCPC and a member of BADTH. I am a student member of the BPC.

Prior to working in private practice I was therapist at Respond, a charity specialising in psychotherapy for children and adults with learning disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma.  Previous to this I managed the Chrysalis Project, a therapy service for children affected by their family’s substance misuse.  I worked for Threshold Women’s Mental Health Drop-in Service as their Development worker and have extensive experience in working in schools and community settings. For several years, I supervised students on the Dramatherapy MA at Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

My experience has taught me that using creative arts methods can often offer helpful ways for a person to express their emotional lives and gain insight and understanding into their experiences and relationships. There is the opportunity to work with Sand tray, Improvisation, Working with symbols and metaphor, Puppets, Movement, Art-making, Working with myths and stories and Role-play. Sessions are client-led and there is no expectation to work in a particular way.

Zoë Boden

I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist, having completed my training at the Gestalt Centre, London. I have five years’ practice experience working with adults in IAPT, community therapy, women’s services and private practice.

I am also an academic psychologist specialising in relational and emotional experience in the context of mental health. My PhD explored guilt and interpersonal relationships. Prior to this, I trained as a contemporary dancer and worked within the performing arts industry. My arts and psychology backgrounds inform my psychotherapy practice.

I see therapy as a process of increasing awareness, self-acceptance and freedom through creative exploration. Together we can look at whatever patterns are occurring in your life and the feelings that arise around them. Gestalt focuses on what is happening ‘here-and-now’, but that doesn’t mean I will ignore what has happened to you in the past, or your hopes and fears for the future. I am interested in you as a whole person.

How you and I work together will be a process of discovery, but I find creative approaches, such as drawing and movement, can support some people to get to know themselves and their dilemmas.

I work with many types of distress, but I have particular strengths in working with anxiety, panic, developmental and sexual trauma (i.e. abuse, neglect, sexual violence) and a range of relationship and identity issues, including exploration of gender and sexual identity. I have also worked with clients who have mental health diagnoses and/or experienced substance misuse. I work inclusively, acknowledging and welcoming our similarities and differences.

I meet clients weekly at a fixed time for 50 minute sessions. I will either work on a long-term agreement (usually starting with one year) or for Brief Gestalt Therapy for 12 or 16 weeks.

Dee Churchfield

I am a Person-Centred Counsellor with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling; offering long or short-term counselling with adults.  I previously trained as a Hypnotherapist and have an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Hypno-psychotherapy.

As a Person-Centred Counsellor I offer a confidential and safe space in which you can explore any difficulties you may be experiencing.  I believe that within a therapeutic relationship in which you feel heard and not judged, you can gain self-awareness and understanding. This will enable you to trust  in yourself, gain  self-confidence, new perspective and make changes.

I provide a calm, supportive place where we can work together, at your pace, to work on any issues you would like to bring to the sessions.

I work in a residential children’s home; supporting young people who experience a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties.  We work within a holistic framework which reflects the person centred philosophy of meeting and accepting the young person where they are; building self-esteem, resilience and supporting them to make positive choices.

I spent over 20 years in the film industry in a role that required discretion and understanding. It was important to be able to connect and work collaboratively, and I enjoyed working with people from all walks of life. My work included mentoring trainees and I enjoyed helping them to learn and build confidence.

I am a registered member of BACP, and I adhere to their ethical framework.

Katie Dennis

I am an experienced Integrative therapeutic counsellor, a registered and Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a qualified Supervisor. I work with adults, children and young people.

I am a BUPA registered therapist, and part of the therapy team at The Martlets Hospice.

I work with a wide range of issues, including anxiety disorders, loss and bereavement, depression, self-esteem and loss of confidence, addiction, trauma and phobias. I support people living with chronic and acute conditions.

I offer EMDR therapy for a wide range of issues. I am an LGBTQ Affirmative therapist.

I offer afternoon, evening and weekend appointments.

My fees range from £50 to £70, and I also offer a reduced rate for those less able to pay full fees.

Rachael McKeown

Counselling is an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of yourself which can increase the sense of freedom and control in your life. I offer clients a space to think deeply about themselves and their relationships in an open and supportive way.

As a psychodynamic counsellor, I am particularly interested in patterns of relating and feelings of which you might be unaware. These patterns and feelings often have roots in the past and within our sessions we will explore how past experiences are affecting the present.

I work with a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, bereavement and relationship problems which can be felt differently for different people. It may be that you have a harshly critical internal voice that leaves you feeling worthless. You may be experiencing an overwhelming sense of loss or panic, or you may feel cut off from your own feelings.

I have been a practicing counsellor for the last three years in both private practice and the charitable sector. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a Cambridge graduate and hold a further degree in psychology.

Clair Morrow

I am a Trainee Person-Centred Counsellor with a Foundation Certificate from Tavistock Relationships, London. I work with adults on a short- or long-term basis and, as a Trainee, I offer reduced fees.

As a Person-Centred Counsellor, I will offer you a caring and non-judgemental space where you can feel safe and comfortable to explore whatever is troubling you. I believe that a supportive therapeutic relationship can enable deeper self-awareness and trust in yourself, helping you to realise your potential and make the changes you need.

Prior to working as a counsellor, I spent sixteen years working in Higher Education in teaching, research and student support roles. During this time, I conducted and published research reflecting on the tensions between language and experience and how emotional histories and patterns form, including a study on how young women experience and narrate their feelings of sexual desire, and research on young women’s use of autobiographical secrets and lies.

In both studies, women talked to me about some of the conflicts they faced when attempting to speak their truths and behave in ways that felt authentic in relationships. Through this work, I have developed an interest in supporting women with issues relating to their identities and relationships. These issues include low mood, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, health issues and life changes, such as becoming a parent and menopause. Whatever you are bringing, I will work in a way that offers you empathy, support and respect. We will go at your pace, discussing the difficult issues when you feel ready to do so.

I am a student member of the BACP, and I adhere to their ethical framework.

Jacqui Paterson

I am a registered member of BACP, qualified both as a Person Centred Counsellor and as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Practitioner. I offer both short term and longer term therapy, adapting my approach to suit the needs of individual clients. I work with a broad range of common presenting difficulties including depression, anxiety & panic, low self esteem, anger, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, substance misuse, issues around sex and sexuality and work related issues. I also specialise in working with clients with more complex needs including complex trauma and a diagnosis of personality disorder.

I have a particular interest in working with clients with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD). My expertise in this area has been gained through more than 17 years experience in both community and inpatient settings. During this time, I have worked with EUPD clients both individually and as a group facilitator for programmes which have included skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.  I have also provided training to staff in secure settings in relation to working with clients who self harm.

At Phoenix Therapy Practice I am a member of the DBT team which offers the full DBT programme.  I facilitate the skills group and offer individual DBT.

I work in an empathic and non-judgemental way, aiming to empower my clients to find their own way of working through difficulties and discomfort and to facilitate them in the process of finding both acceptance and change within their lives.

Caroline Schofield

I have been practicing as a psychotherapist since 1987 after completing a training in Humanistic Psychotherapy. In 1989 I became accredited with The British Association for Counselling (BAC) and in 2000 I became a Senior Accredited Psychotherapist with The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP).

I have also done some analytical training with The British Association for Psychotherapy (BAP) where I was part of the Jungian stream for the training in Individual Psychotherapy with Adults.

My background is in mental health work in Social Services, Psychiatric and Voluntary Sector settings. Alongside this work I have first trained and then practiced Psychotherapy over a number of years. A substantial element of both the Humanistic and Analytic trainings is the requirement that the trainee be in therapy for the duration of study.

I have regular supervision of my case load and work to the BACP Code of Ethics.

My approach is psychodynamic and my orientation is Jungian, which means that I am interested in the relationships between people and their worlds, both inner and outer. I am also interested in how we find meaning in our lives in both a small and a larger sense.

Most of us experience anxiety or depression at some stage in our lives or we need to come to terms with emotional pain or disappointment. Often we can resolve this without outside help. Sometimes, however, the difficulties persist causing unhappiness at home and at work. This may be because current difficulties are stirring up feelings from the past of which we are unaware.

Psychotherapy can help individuals to understand hidden aspects of themselves by talking over a period of time in a reliable setting with a trained and experienced therapist.

The time together with the therapist provides a space for reflection. Whatever is foremost in the individual’s mind is brought to the session – maybe in the form of feelings, thoughts, memories, or dreams. The therapist listens and helps the individual to reach a deeper understanding of themselves, opening the way to change.

As the relationship with the therapist develops along with a sense of trust, the individual discovers new insights and then more appropriate ways of coping with problems and feelings can be found.

Sessions are usually held weekly so as to give as much continuity and support as possible.

Nadia Townsend

I’m a psychodynamic psychotherapist , having originally completed a rigorous 4 year training at WPF Therapy. I work in full time practice, in Brighton and London and I have considerable experience of working with people with a broad range of issues. I am a fully accredited member of the BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council) and the FPC (Foundation for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

I offer a space in which to explore whatever it is that you feel is causing you difficulty. We are none of us immune from suffering – you may have been struggling for a long time or perhaps a recent crisis has caused you to look for therapy. Whatever the reason, psychotherapy sessions can provide you with a crucial opportunity to process and reflect on struggles, think about relational patterns that might be unhelpful and explore how past experiences could be having an impact on the present day. You may have had previous experience of counselling or psychotherapy or this might be entirely new to you; psychodynamic work can be painful and take time, requiring courage to think about feelings that you may have tried to avoid for a long time. However, it can also provide enormous relief to find the safe and ongoing support with which to understand yourself better and start to change your relationship with yourself and others.

My usual fee is £60 but I can offer a reduced fee depending on your circumstances.

Julia Wright

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with more than 18 years of experience in psychotherapy and mental health. I have worked with and welcome a diverse client group and aim in my practice to establish a non judgemental and safe environment in which exploration can happen.

I also work as a trainer and have been training psychotherapists and counsellors for 10 years. My current teaching post is on the MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Gestalt centre London. In my private practice I work with individuals, couples and groups and I also offer supervision.

I have an arts background as well as experience in mental health services and for many years I worked in and managed a Mind/NHS therapy service. People who accessed this service came with many different mental and emotional health concerns including (and this list is not exhaustive) depression, trauma, loss, identity, anxiety (including work ,performance and social anxiety), insomnia, eating disorders, mental illness, anger management  and relationship issues.

In my clinical experience, the many possible symptoms of distress including those above can be effectively made sense of within a therapeutic relationship. I have witnessed the people I work with moving toward a sense of belonging in their own lives, a greater sense of being at home as well as an experience of autonomy and support. Sometimes beginning to work through and understand the difficult events of the past leads to greater understanding about current life situations and struggles. And in turn this can enable greater awareness of choices made in the present.

My psychotherapy training was in Gestalt therapy which is holistic and integrative and is an approach that originally developed from psychoanalysis. In Gestalt therapy there is an emphasis on meeting you where you are now and through a mixture of support and challenge facilitating a process of self discovery and growth. There is also an understanding in Gestalt therapy that mind and body are not separate and that much can be gained from investigating the felt experience of the body. Although working in this way is not the only option for a Gestalt therapist, sometimes emotions and past traumas can be held out of awareness in the body and by exploring this, emotional, psychological and physical blocks may become less fixed.

If you would like to find out more about working with me I suggest an initial consultation. Starting therapy can sometimes feel a bit daunting so this initial meeting can support you to find out a bit more about me and the process before you decide if it is the right step for you at the current time

My practice is based in Hove, Brighton and London. I am registered with the UKCP and work in line with their Code of Ethics.

My academic and professional qualifications are as follows;

  • BA hons, Fine Art, Trent Polytechnic
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Gestalt Psychotherapy, The Gestalt Centre London
  • MA, Gestalt Individual and Group Psychotherapy, The Gestalt Centre London

Dave Jordan

I am a BACP registered humanistic counsellor and am currently studying for a Masters in Psychotherapy at Brighton University.

The Humanistic approach holds an optimistic view of human beings and places great emphasis on the capacity for healing and growth as being primarily within the client themselves. Humanistic therapy helps clients to discover what is important to them and what is not and through this deeper sense of meaning helps them make better and more informed choices. It looks to assist clients in living authentically in accordance with their values, aspirations and limitations and in assuming an active role in their growth. It helps clients to navigate, explore and make sense of what it means to be human.

My belief is that we all have the resources needed to heal and make changes in our emotional wellbeing. I provide a down to earth counselling style for people who feel they need support to explore themselves or simply a need to be witnessed and heard. I offer the opportunity to talk openly in a trusted, confidential and safe environment.

I am a registered member of the BACP and adhere to their ethical framework.

Haia Ironside

I am a trainee psychodynamic psychotherapist studying at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and a student member of the BACP. My academic qualifications include an MA in Autism Research Studies and a BA in War Studies. With professional experience in big corporations, charities and as a qualified teacher, I am committed to working with people to improve mental health and overall wellbeing.


I offer a confidential time and space to explore what feels important to you. This can include painful and difficult feelings that might not be talked about elsewhere. In general, we will meet once a week at the same time and in the same space. Psychodynamic therapy tends to be longer term meaning it can last up to 12 months and beyond. I believe that this regularity and consistency can enable people to begin to look inwards to better understand day to day thoughts, actions and relationships.


I am Brighton based and as a trainee I can offer reduced fees for clients.

Alice Reid

I am a trainee Psychodynamic counsellor at the University of Brighton. I can offer long- or short-term counselling, and as a trainee, I am able to offer a reduced fee.  I am also a registered student member of the BACP.

Prior to beginning my training as a counsellor, I spent 9 years working as a qualified, professional youth worker, supporting young people and their families who were facing challenging and traumatic circumstances. Most recently, I have spent my time working with young people and young adults who are experiencing or are at high risk of experiencing sexual exploitation. I have a particular interest in gender-based issues and have both a theoretical and a practical understanding of how gender is woven into the fabric of our lives and the impact this can have. I studied an MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict at the University of Sussex which enriched my understanding of historical and cultural discourses.

I can offer you a safe, confidential and respectful space for you to begin to explore difficulties you may be experiencing. Psychodynamic counselling offers the idea that our unconscious emotional worlds are key in how we relate to others in the world and often we unconsciously form patterns in these relationships which can be repeated. Psychodynamic counselling aims to help you uncover these patterns and become aware of what may be happening for you beneath the surface.

I recognise that for some, it may feel daunting to access counselling, these feelings are very valid and are something that can be explored if you wish. It is also key to recognise the importance of the relationship between client and counsellor, and how trust is a big part of this process. It is okay to need some time to build trust and I aim to give you the space and time to build this trust at your own pace.

Elena Gualtieri

I am a senior trainee in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Guild of Psychotherapists in London and am registered with UKCP. As a trainee I can offer reduced rates. I offer therapy in English and Italian. My background is in teaching, research and management in the University sector, both in the UK and abroad. I have experience of migrating and settling in different countries and cultures and an understanding of the significant personal challenges migration brings.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy works on the premise that there is more to be known about ourselves than we think, which may feel scary initially, but can also be a source of growth, change and renewal. I think of psychotherapy as a collaborative process, a conversation that is different from everyday conversations, but still recognizable as such. I have worked with people who suffered from depression, anxiety, self-harm, chronic illness, bereavement. You may come to therapy with a specific issue that you want to address; or as often happens you may not have a name for what it is that afflicts you. I work on the principle that by listening to you attentively and with empathy together we can find words for your difficulties, and a way through them.

Amy Kavanagh

I am a UKCP registered Trainee Psychotherapist, and I am currently completing my second year of a Psychotherapy and Counselling masters at Regents University London.

Prior to my masters, I spent thirteen years working in Advertising, an industry rooted in behavioural science, in a role that relied on understanding and connecting with individuals. Alongside that, I spent five years working voluntarily with new mothers who were experiencing difficulties in the postpartum period.

I now work integratively with a leaning towards Psychodynamic therapy and I have a special interest in developmental trauma, attachment, loss, and issues of identity.

I believe that people are best able to make sense of how their past experiences may be having an impact on their present lives when they feel seen and heard within a respectful therapeutic relationship. As such, my sessions provide a safe and supportive space in which Clients can explore their emotional difficulties, identify any patterns, and draw on their own strengths and innate resources in order to grow and move forward in their lives.

I work with short and long term Clients, and as a trainee I am able to offer reduced fees.

Clare Gannaway

I am a reflective, compassionate and analytically-minded practitioner who is capable of creating effective therapeutic relationships. As a newly qualified psychodynamic therapist, I am able to offer counselling at reduced rates.

Increasing awareness of your inner world and its relationship with both your past and your present can allow greater fulfilment and meaning in your life. I provide a safe, secure space for you to bring whatever is troubling or challenging you, where you can feel seen and heard, without fear or judgment. You will have the opportunity to reflect on and explore earlier life experiences and emotions, which affect your current behaviour and relationships, in a way that might not be otherwise possible. As a dynamic and effective communicator, I can enable you to create powerful, reframing life narratives.

I have a wealth of life and professional experience which have made me the person and therapist I am today. My work with adolescents and young adults in an educational setting for the past two decades has given me a deep understanding and insight into the huge significance family, community and society play in shaping relational and behavioural patterns.

I am especially interested in the complex dynamics of family relationships.

Eurik Gilar

I am a BACP accredited psychodynamic counsellor and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in training with AGIP. My background is diverse and includes an experiential and adventure education degree. I believe we all learn from experience and that learning and personal development, as well as healing and recovering from past hurt and trauma, is a life-long process. This process can be facilitated, encouraged and even re-started (when we get stuck on the way) through counselling and psychotherapy.

I have experience in helping clients with a wide range of issues, including various forms of anxiety, depression, trauma and bereavement and also issues around sexuality, gender identity and relationships.

My approach is suitable for adults of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. I am LGBTQ+ identified and have experience in working with trans, queer and non-binary clients. I have a good understanding of polyamory, kink and other alternative lifestyle choices. My approach is in line with up to date research, inclusive and affirmative, rather than pathologising.

I am bilingual and practice in English and in Czech.

Sandra Kuehl

I am a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I work with clients who bring a wide variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, stress, self-harm, ‘personality disorder diagnosis,’ relationship difficulties and problems around self, such as identity, esteem, and sexuality.

I work holistically which means that we will work at your pace, beginning with where you are now and exploring together what brings you to counselling. Through our dialogue we can find out more about how you relate to your world and how you feel within it, what is supporting you and where you might have become stuck. It is through this process of discovering yourself that you will inevitably identify some changes you wish to make. Together, we can work on the ‘how’ and what support you might need along the way. In Gestalt, we also pay attention to the body. After all, this is where and how we feel our feelings unlike in our head which is what society often has us believe. Becoming more body-aware can be a scary process, especially when we have- often subconsciously-suppressed our feelings and sensations because they felt too overwhelming or were perhaps inconvenient. We will approach this work slowly and carefully so that, ultimately, you will not only get to know yourself more intimately but will also be much better placed to enjoy a richer and more fulfilled life.

I believe that, for counselling to be successful, the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is key. I endeavour to meet you with warmth, integrity and respect so that, in your time, you will eventually feel safe enough to trust me. It is only when we allow our vulnerability to be seen by another, that we begin to heal our wounds.

I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings and offer an inclusive practice. I have worked with and welcome clients who bring difference- be it a different cultural background, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, identity, physical ability or age.

I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by their Code of Ethics.

Kirstine Howe

I am in my final year of an integrative, therapeutic counselling diploma, and as a trainee, I am able to offer reduced rates.

Being an integrative counsellor means that although my core model is person centred, I am able to blend different theories according to what the client brings, providing a holistic approach. I offer a warm, non-judgemental, confidential space, enabling clients to feel safe to explore difficult thoughts or feelings.

I am a member of BACP and abide by their code of ethics.  I  have regular supervision.

Marie Larkin MBACP (Accred), MSc., Pg Dip.

I am a BACP Registered Accredited Practitioner with over 20 years experience as an Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist and workshop/support group facilitator.  An “integrative” way of working means that I tailor how I work according to individual clients’ needs.  I have trained in, and draw upon:

  • Psychodynamic
  • Humanistic
  • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Therapeutic Creative Writing

I work with adults from all walks of life and backgrounds and have a particular interest in:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem/Confidence
  • Loss/Bereavement
  • Work Issues
  • Cultural/Ethnic Identity
  • Relationships/Family (including family estrangement)
  • Menopause/Hormonal Effects on Emotional Wellbeing
  • Life Changes
  • Creativity
  • Student Counsellors
  • Emotional Support for Healthcare Workers
  • BUPA & AVIVA registered

At the heart of my practice is a commitment to professionalism and ethical standards, alongside a passion for ongoing learning and development in my respective fields .I believe that words, be they spoken or written, are the pathways to greater understanding of ourselves and those around us. My aim, in all aspects of my work, is to help clients find their voice and gain greater clarity about who they are, where they are going and where they might have got stuck.

For further information, including qualifications, see

Jules Mercy  PG Dip Psychodynamic Counselling, BACP Registered, Relational Supervision

I have been qualified for 20 years, working with adults,long and short term. I have worked in generic therapeutic clinics, as well as specialist charity services concerned with all kinds of  abuse and also in the field of addictions. I was the founder and clinical lead for the counselling services at Brighton Women’s Centre, supporting women with multple disadvantages from 2006-16.

I offer Relational Supervision, drawing from Psychoanalytic and Humanistic schools for counsellors and psychotherapists.

I work from an understanding that our childhood relationships and experiences are  the roots of our difficulties, inform our understandings of ourselves and  draw us into relational patterns, dynamics and problems that can be life limiting.

I have experience in working with a wide range of difficulties or symptoms of distress including anxiety, depression, addictions, difficulties in relationships or work.I also have experience working with more  entrenched and chronic trauma such as shame, attachment difficulties, adoption and early losses which have impacted on growth and self esteem and the very core of ones selfhood. From my experience people tend to want to feel content, have meaningful lives with authenticity, joy and vigour but often struggle to reach these places due to a tangle of experiences and conditions that are still unfelt, unknown or unshared but still holding sway internally. When someone walks through my door I understand you as somehow being blocked in growing into who you are and meant to be rather than being ill. I see the mental and physical symptoms or problems being the psyche’s best effort to manage some deeper situation which needs exploration and be worked through.

Sometimes the work can be short term to find clarity or to navigate a defined problem whilst some people may choose a longer process of self discovery. I have much experience in working with issues concerning gender, sexuality, cultural differences, and the impact of othering and oppression. I am interested in identity and belonging, differences and uniqueness and also the things common that humans share such as uncertainty and losses of all kinds. I integrate western with eastern understandings and practices when helpful.

Maz Michael (MBACP Accredited)

I have been a qualified and practising therapist for 10 years. I am trained in Humanisitic, CBT approach and EMDR. I typically work integratively although I can work exclusively in a single modality. I work with each client to find out which approach would be the most helpful. I work short, medium and long term; again this is determined on an individual basis. I work with many issues such as: panic, generalised anxiety, depression, self-esteem, bereavement etc. Although I have a particular interest and experience in working with trans/non-binary identifying clients as well as clients who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Pansexual. My fees are somewhat flexible depending on client income and are discussed on an individual basis.”

Vicky Le Beau

I am a trainee psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the British Psychotherapy Foundation, and as such, I am able to provide therapy at reduced fees. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a process of exploration, undertaken by the therapist and patient who meet regularly at least once a week for 50 minutes; treatment is usually open-ended. You are encouraged to reflect on feelings, thoughts, wishes, fears, memories, dreams – whatever is uppermost in your mind. In this way, we work together to understand the difficulties that have brought you into therapy. This is a gradual process that takes time, commitment and effort.

Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy have often been viewed as ‘exclusive’ forms of therapy, and sometimes difficult to access. My practice is attentive to issues of difference – be they of class, ethnicity, sexuality. I am also an elected Scholar of the British Psychoanalytic Council with particular interests in exploring these issues further within the profession.

Michael Lloyd

I am a qualified couples and family therapist, mediator and social worker. I have been working as a couples and family therapist for many years, having done my training at the London Institute of Family Therapy, the Tavistock Clinic and Kensington Consultation Centre.

I have worked in a number of different settings, including Social Services, CAMHS ( the child and adolescent mental health service), the Sussex Family Mediation Service and in private practice. I currently work on a part- time basis at Relate and as an independent practitioner. I have also worked as a trainer and manager, in a wide range of social care, clinical and multi agency settings.   Over many years I have co-ordinated a range of team building and other training workshops, and have provided family therapy training and supervision to other professionals. Much of the work I am currently doing is with couples and families who have significant relationship problems, and with clients who have serious problems associated with mental health, substance misuse and domestic violence.

My overall therapeutic approach is very much informed by, on the one hand, the importance of acknowledging, validating, exploring and pondering with clients what they bring to the session for discussion – their problems, issues and challenges, and on the other hand, applying strength-orientated, solution focussed, non-problem –saturated ways of thinking in order to resolve these matters satisfactorily.

Dr. Lydia Rainford

I am a qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapist. After working in academic and pastoral roles in the university sector, I completed the clinical training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Guild of Psychotherapists in London. I am a Member of the Guild of Psychotherapists and a registered member of the UKCP. I have worked as a psychotherapist in clinics, charities and private practice since 2012.

I have experience of working with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, identity issues, relationship problems, eating disorders and illness. I take care to attend to the specific problems and history of each person beyond and in relation to mental health diagnoses.

At the heart of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is the recognition that our complex and often unconscious emotional life is fundamental to how we live in the world, and to our health and wellbeing. My sessions aim to build a stable, confidential space, where current emotional difficulties can be explored, and where strictures and repetitions in the client’s ways of being and relating to others might be realised, unravelled and experienced differently. Psychoanalytic treatment can significantly diminish psychological suffering and bring about lasting change.

Rachel Singh

I am a BACP accredited counsellor and hold an Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Therapy from CPPD (UK). Since qualifying as a counsellor, 5 years ago I have worked for mental health services in Sussex. In 2016, I attended the British Isles Dialetical Behavioural Therapy training and now form part of the DBT Sussex team.

I began my career in the field of autism spectrum conditions over 15 years ago. Motivated by a desire to understand autistic peoples’ internal worlds and to help them feel more at ease into fitting into their local community. I have a particular interest in working with difference – cultural, gender and sexuality – and in attachment styles and anxieties,  stemming from childhood trauma and bereavement, autism spectrum conditions including Aspergers, ADHD, OCD and depression.

At Phoenix Therapy Practice I am a member of the DBT team which offers the full DBT programme.  I co-facilitate the skills group and offer individual DBT sessions which include pre-treatment and DBT informed counselling.

Paul Chantry

I am in my final year of an integrative, therapeutic counselling diploma and therefore as a trainee I am able to offer reduced rates.

Prior to joining Phoenix Therapy I worked as a volunteer counsellor with a Sussex charity which supports people suffering with a wide range of challenging life circumstances, and I have experience of helping people who suffer with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem, loss, dependency and childhood trauma.

We often think that we can manage on our own, but there comes a point when we all need to reach out and seek support. Perhaps you feel anxious and stressed or wake up with a sense of dread? Perhaps you are finding life overwhelming, are feeling angry or withdrawn. Or perhaps you have a sense of sadness, hopelessness and despair.

Having someone to talk to who will listen, hear and understand how you are feeling without judgement, can really help you to explore your thoughts and feelings and move towards healing and growth.

If you’ve never had counselling before then finding the right therapist can be confusing and perhaps even a little bit intimidating. So it’s important that you take time to find the right therapist for you. Counselling is not about giving advice or telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s about understanding your experience and feelings and working with you to find the right way forward. So it’s vital that you find someone who you feel that you can connect with.

I am a student member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I meet clients weekly at a fixed time for 50 minute sessions and I can promise you a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space where you will be heard and understood.

Sian Jones

I am a trainee Humanistic Counsellor studying at the University of Brighton and a student member of the BACP.

Prior to joining the Phoenix Therapy Practice, I have worked as a Social Worker for 12 years in many different settings, supporting children and families facing challenging circumstances and trauma, complex social issues, and disadvantages. I have also been qualified as a yoga teacher for 10 years, and during this time, alongside teaching, I established yoga projects within schools to support students to develop strategies to manage stress and anxiety and build confidence and self-esteem.

More recently, I have been involved in group projects supporting the wellbeing of new parents during the often-difficult transition into parenthood, which for many, has been even more challenging during the pandemic.

I am passionate about working in a way that recognizes and supports the mind/ body connection, including looking at ways that we can incorporate this into our daily lives to support our mental health and wellbeing. My aim is to offer you a warm, safe, and trusting space which will give you the opportunity to talk, and to be understood and heard without judgement.

As a trainee, I am able to offer both short-term and long-term counselling at reduced rates to clients.

Sarah Soutar

I originally trained with the Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy and was accepted as a professional member in 1984 and registered with UKCP.

Over the following decades I worked in the NHS, the student counselling service at the University of Sussex, in voluntary organisations and in private practice. I saw individuals for long-term psychotherapy and worked with groups as well as supervising, training and teaching both counsellors and supervisors.

Along the way I undertook extended training in the psychodynamic approach to trauma therapy and qualified as a supervisor with WPF.

After a sabbatical in 2017-18 I ceased offering open-ended individual therapy but attended an intensive week of training with Tavistock Relationships to develop my skills in working with couples.

My focus remains psychodynamic but eclectic . Recent developments in trauma work and links with neuroscience have influenced my practice but I still find a very powerful source of useful information in the relationship between the therapist and client(s).

Although partially retired, I am happy to receive referrals for couples, initial assessments and supervision.

Natalie Woods

I am an Integrative therapeutic counsellor with 16 years experience of building trusting therapeutic relationships with people and providing a safe relational space where difficulties can be explored. It is this relationship between you and your counsellor that is so important in enabling you to get to know yourself better and reflect on the things you would like to do differently in your life and relationships. This relationship with me may bring to life relationship difficulties you are experiencing enabling them to be explored and worked through with me safely.

I have worked in a range of settings and my counselling work has brought me into contact with a wide range of people facing all sorts of difficulties including couples experiencing relationship difficulties, and I have worked extensively with LGBTQ individuals and couples. My own experiences of therapy have contributed to my ability to provide what can be a healing relationship to others. I am approachable and have the personal qualities that help people feel able to talk about their difficulties, although I understand that this can be difficult and I respect the client’s need to take their time with the counselling process.

In my couples counselling work I provide a supportive space helping the couple to understand each other better and explore the dynamics of their relationship, as well as enabling them to develop better communication and empathy for each other all of which can help with the ‘stuckness’ that can often be experienced in our relationships with others.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and am committed to my on-going personal and professional development. I am professional in my approach whilst being very human!

Mel Simmonds

I am a recently qualified Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I offer a warm confidential space for you to safely explore thoughts and feelings which may feel difficult elsewhere. Emotional distress can be examined and made sense of, working at a pace which suits you. I have experience of working with a range of issues with a specialised area of loss and bereavement.

I am happy to take on both short and long term work and am able to offer reduced rates.

Psychodynamic counselling explores past relationships and experiences to look at how these may  influence both our internal and our external world today. Identifying patterns and behaviours which repeat and echo through our lives, a greater understanding of the self can be reached, one which enables us to lead a more fulfilled life.

I have a background in Fine Art / Fashion and worked in publishing for many years before retraining as a therapist.

I am a registered member of BACP and abide by their code of ethics.  I have regular supervision.