Phoenix Therapy Practice -COVID-19 Lockdown and Mental Health

Phoenix Therapy Practice has had to close its doors for the current period of lockdown.   However, all of our counsellors, therapists and psychologists continue to offer their services via video-link or phone.   Free initial consultations are also available via video-link or phone.

Phoenix Therapy Practice, Mental health and Covid-19 Lockdown

During this time of social isolation and countrywide lockdown, people with mental health difficulties may be experiencing exceptional challenges.  Stress, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, health concerns, fear of death,  financial worries,  anger, helplessness and frustration are all part of the ongoing trauma of daily life under lockdown.  If you are someone who has difficulties with strong emotions, then it is likely that you are in need of some help right now.   Contact us for a free initial consultation and from there, we will be able to recommend the most helpful support.

Phoenix Therapy Practice is offering remote working to all of our clients.  This may be via skype, or face time or zoom or simply by phone.   Your therapist will talk to you about the best forum for this work and if not already done so, will be in touch with you.  You will need to have a confidential space in your home with internet or landline access in order to do this.

Follow this link to see a full guide about guarding your mental health during COVID: guide about guarding