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In addition to our normal priced sessions, we are offering a number of free or low cost counselling sessions for people who are in financial difficulties. We are committed to opening these sessions to marginalised and unrepresented groups.

These sessions are for those who are living with chronic physical illness, or those with EUPD personality difficulties, physical or mental disabilities, or learning difficulties, in addition to ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+, with general financial hardship. Please let us know on the form if you are enquiring for these subsidised sessions.

We would like to thank our sponsors below for making this all possible

Enquiry for Free Initial Consultation:

Adult, Child, Couples and Group Psychotherapy, Counselling and Psychological Services.


During this time of social isolation and countrywide lockdown, people with mental health difficulties may be experiencing exceptional challenges.  Stress, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, health concerns, fear of death,  financial worries,  anger, helplessness and frustration are all part of the ongoing trauma of daily life under lockdown.  If you are someone who has difficulties with strong emotions, then it is likely that you are in need of some help right now.

Careful, considered, contained therapeutic support can help people to cope with current stresses,  and to develop lasting psychological change, a sense of emotional well being, and a better quality of life. It can also reduce mental health difficulties on an ongoing basis.


If you are having emotional difficulties during the lockdown and would like a 25 minute FREE phone support session, fill out the form and let us know that is what you want, and also when you are available.

If you are considering having some therapy or counselling we would highly recommend that  you have an initial consultation with one of our experienced practitioners to discuss what the issues are and how you might best be helped.

The  FREE initial consultation is for  up to 50 minutes. It will be via video-link or phone and you need a private uninterrupted space where you have internet access. After this, should you wish to continue, you will be referred to the most suitable practitioner, taking into account what you can afford, when you are available and what you would like.

  • Not for Profit
  • High quality affordable therapy
  • Fee range for individual sessions  £15 to £80
  • Mild, moderate and severe mental health difficulties
  • Experienced practitioners
  • A range of different effective accessible therapies
  • For adults, children, couples and families
  • Free initial consultations
  • Referral to the most suitable practitioner, taking into account your requirements, your wishes, your availability and how much you can afford.
  • Low cost counselling and therapy with students in training and newly trained practitioners.
  • All our therapists receive regular clinical supervision and work to the code of ethics of their registered body. This might be UKCP, BPC, BACCP, BACP,
  • HCPC, BPS.
  • Disabled access.
  • DBT programme commencing soon
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