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“My feelings/ emotions/ ability to cope have improved so much since my sessions with Phoenix. I am much more resilient, not so very desperately wanting to end my life. I am more positive and hopeful for the future.”

“It’s amazing what I have learnt during online counselling. I still turn up late even though I am in my own home! Doing this has shown me how scared I am of relationships in general. I want connection but I find loads of self sabotaging ways of not letting myself have it. I find it hard to trust because my father always criticised me which has left me untrusting and scared. I feel better knowing how it is me that gets in my own way. I have hope this can change. For years I have believed people didn’t like me. It was me that didn’t like me.“

“My therapist understood me and worked with myself, my needs, my experiences as an individual. She advised and applied support ‘to me.’ This made a huge difference. I felt fully supported to explore my feelings.”

“Online therapy has shown me much more about myself that I wouldn’t have discovered for a long time by going to the therapists room. I am in charge of my surroundings not her. At first I saw her from my kitchen which was all white and sparse.We meet in my living room now and I have let her see my pictures and books. I see this as being more ok with being seen. I have also joined other online groups and even a party. I feel determined these new connections will inspire me to be braver when we start to socialise again.”

“The therapy has been immensely helpful and I’ve made much progress.”

“I have found it difficult to adjust to being online as my house has thin walls and my children are upstairs. Me and my counsellor now wear ear plugs so we can speak quietly. It’s really good now. I so need to talk at this time, more so than before lockdown.”

“My counsellor helped me explore and understand many of the issues that may have been underlying my chronic insomnia. Many of these issues linked to previous anxiety and OCD issues, which were links I had not made prior to these therapy sessions. I had previously tried many different avenues to tackle the insomnia – other forms of therapy, medications, attempts at sleep hygiene, etc – which had been unsuccessful. I was not expecting it when I began but exploring the insomnia in a psychodynamic context was very effective for me, and my experiences of insomnia are now very rare. This has made a huge difference to my life.”

“My therapist has opened up thoughts, feelings I was not aware were having such an impact on my life. She’s supported my challenging of these in a safe way.”

“I found my counsellor and the service extremely beneficial to my quality of life.”

“I am very grateful to have been accepted for therapy. It has honestly improved my ability to cope and I’m learning a lot about what I need in my life and what I don’t. I am most grateful to my counsellor and Phoenix.”